An excellent Prophecy and Real Pretension of typically the Holy Quran

Fourteen hundred years ago typically the Holy Quran stated in Surah zero 2 verse no 154 “And do not say of those who usually are slain in typically the way of Allah they are dead. As an alternative, they are alive, yet you do not perceive. “

And in Surah no 3 verse no 169 “And think not regarding those, who are usually slain in the way of Thor, as dead, instead, they are alive along with their lord, properly provided. “

The particular meaning of these verses is that will those Muslims who else are slain in the form of God are not dead, but they are alive with the lord, and well provided, and we all cannot perceive that how they are in existence and exactly how the Lord provides them typically the spiritual foods plus drinks?

There is a wonderful prophecy and true objetivo of Holy Quran that when We researched in yr according to the particular above verses, I found there are undoubtedly millions dead bodies like alive persons of those Muslim Martyrs who were slain in the particular way of Our god (the way associated with religion Islam) within their graves beneath the Earth in Islamic cemeteries of globe since centuries plus years. They are in fresh plus sleeping condition without eating the foods, drinking the, with out used any machine for their protection and without used any chemical on their dead physiques.

I have described some true occasions of them with true proofs that you can research info shortly. This is not a magic, magical trick or sorcery that any body may reject or decline what I have said about our research. It is a reality and a miracle.

Because there is usually no any dead body like alive person in new and sleeping current condition of any Non-Muslim military from Hindus, Jews and Christians who have been murdered during typically the fighting against typically the Muslims inside the wars happened between the Muslims and Non-Muslims.

Therefore I request to Muslim and Non-Muslim scientists, Medical Doctors, expert religious students, saints and frontrunners which they research concerning it and stage out the reason for the among the Muslim plus Non-Muslim dead body. pemakaman muslim Our scientists have a lot of brain that they have made the particular bombs, and some other modern technologies but they reached for the moon too. And so i hope that they will will get the purpose of protected dead bodies of Muslims under the Planet too?